Four Religion And Life Issues Topic KeyWords

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Anadi: Hindu expression for 'Beginning-less'

Atman: The soul in Hinduism, the part of God inside us that moves on to another body or form after death.

Big Bang Theory: The belief that everything started with a big bang about 14 billion years age; the universe began to expand then cooled down, forming the earth and other planets.

Creation: They way in which something is uniquely made; God's creation of the universe.

Dominion: Being in charge and having power over others.

Enviroment: Surroundings of the place in which human beings live.

Ex Nihile: out of nothing

Humanity: All the people who live on earth; a sense of compassion or benevolence towards other members of the human race.

Literal: Believing that the creation account as told in the Bible is true - it happened literally as it is described.

Natural Resources: Substances such as coal and oil that naturally occur and have a valuable purpose for the humans in the world today.

Non literal: Believing that the creation account told in the Bible is no told literally as how it happened.

Soul: Part of human nature that is spiritual in form and influenced an individuals personality

Stewardship: God given responsibility to care for the world

Talent: Something we are good at.

Theory of Evolution: The argument that life began in simple forms and evolved into the more complex forms we see today. 

Universe: Everything that exists, in space and time.


Afterlife: Continuation of human existence after death

Agnostic: Believing that you cannot know whether God exists or not.

Akhirah: Life after death in Islam

Atheistic: Believing there is no God

Awe: A Sense of wonder in relation to Gods creation or presence

Community: Group of people who are joined together because they share a something in common

Faith: Belief…


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