Formation of Tropical Storms

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Tropical Storms

  • Occur in areas where sea surface temperatures are over 27 degrees C. 
  • Most form between 10 degrees and 30 degrees north and south of the equator, rarely within 5 degrees of the equator.
  • Tropical storms are large areas of low pressure or extreme depressions. 
  • On satellite images they show up as huge, swirling masses of cloud, with the eye clearly visible at the centre.
  • They are known by…


Aneesah Sharif


This is good but for the exam you need case studies so remember to learn some. I was helpfull though. :D

sarahish majid


thanks for the help, it could of been more brief so i could easily memorize it 

Selina Kaur


Thanks so much for the formation! Everything else I found made no sense (: 

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