Foreign Relations in HVII's reign cont.



Anglo-Burg relations were difficult under H- Marg of Burg constantly conspired against H and Max also plotted against him.

1493 max and H signed Treaty fof Dordrecht- in this max agreed to send troops to Brit to help H resisst the Fr expansion, and H would send 3000 to assist max who was being besieged by FR and flemish troops.
max did not send troops- his concentrated his interests in Hungry before maknig peace with CHVIII

1493 relations deterirated even more when Phil took over direct tule of Burg and Max inhertied the title of HRE.
H wrote to Phil protesting Marg's continued support for PW- it was ignored, H retaliated by banishing Burgudian Merchants from Eng and put embargo on Eng trade with Burg until 1496 with the Intersnus Magnus (great settlement)

The next significant crisis in Anglo-Burg relations was


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