Forces and Magnetism

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  • Forces are nearly always pushes and pulls
  • Forces cannot be seen by the effects of a force can be seen
  • Forces are measured in Newtons (N) using a forcemeter

Forces can produce changes in:

  • Speed
  • Direction
  • Shape

Balanced forces produce no chnage in movement but unbalanced forces can produce change

Key Words:

  • Tension - a force in a rope when pulled
  • Weight - the pull of gravity
  • Drag - counter force produced when objects travel through gas or liquid
  • Thrust - pushing force from engine or rocket
  • Upthrust - force of water pushing you upwards when you float
  • Moment - a turning force
  • Electrostatic Force - when electric charges attract or repel
  • Magnetism - when magnets attract or repel


The force of attraction that exists between two masses is called gravity. Gravity is a non-contact force. This means that you do not have to be touching a mass to feel the effects of its gravity. The force of gravity is very weak. You need a mass the size of a planet or moon before…


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