For/Against Euthanasia - GCSE Religion

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  • Agape.

  • If someone wants to kill themselves it should be THEIR decision.

  • A ban on euthanasia discriminates people with health problems.

  • Not fair on the carer having to care for someone who doesn't want to live.

  • If someone has an illness that cannot be cured, which they can not longer cope with, they should have the choice whether they die or not.

  • Someone should not be forced to live (cruel).

  • Why can animals have it but not humans.

  • If you wouldn’t want to live in pain and unhappiness then why should someone else, they should be allowed to die in peace with dignity.

  • Why should religion interfere with the law, if the person isn't religious themselves.

  • Christian have a duty to stand up for the weak and not let them suffer discrimination.Money spent on treating the ill could be used for someone who does want


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