food glorious food- text 5 The coming of Yams Mangos and Mountain Honey

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  • "handfuls hold hidden sunset" alliteration and unpredictable collocation, they don't sound right together, this stresses the contrast of 2 countries as shows that these two countries do have similarites but they can never mix properly.
  •  poem talks about the mix of cultures between London and the Carribean
  • "sun's alphabet drops out of branches" unpredictable collocation
  • lots of colours used to describe objects, this shows us the positive celebratative tone that is being set here as bright colours connote central american festivals which have lots of colour to celebrate. "big brown" "fleshy green" "brightness of macaw"
  • rhyme is used in some places such as "papaw" and "macaw", this creates a positive rhythm to the poem
  • simile- "congo-peas like tawny pearls"- pearls connote beauty and wealth
  • metaphor- "mango soaked in sunrise" creates imagery that connotes a…


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