food glorious food- text 21 extract from titus andronicus

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terms of address

  • " the empress' sons", "Sirs" formality
  • "Inhuman traitors" Titus suddenly forget all his formality and insults Chiron and demetrius by calling them this instead of addressing them as formally as he did everyone else. This is also ironic as titus can been seen as a traitor too as he is feeding tamora here own sons.
  • "welcome my lord; welcome dread queen; welcome, ye warlike goths;welcome Lucius" titus sounds very polite and calm dispite what he is about to do.


  • "spring whom you have stained with mud, the goodly summer with winter mix'd" by ****** titus' daughter lavinia they have ruined something that was once so pure it is now ruined forever.
  • "coffin" a word for a pastry crust but used here…


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