food glorious food text 20, extract from 'the importance of being earnest'

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This is a extract from the play, 'the importance of being earnest' by oscar wilde.

background information

  • The play was written by Oscar Wilde in the vicrotian times in 1895.
  • Wilde was known for his disapproving views on the social conventions and victorian etiquette of the time and this is reflected in many of his works.
  • Although married he had a homosexual relationship with another man and was sentenced to 2 years imprisonment and hard labour.

Text 20- 'the importance of being earnest'

  • This extract is taken at a time in the play where 2 characters, Cecily and Gwendolen are having a conversation that soon turned into a heated argument.
  • They begin be speaking kindly and formally to each other and engaging in polite conversation or 'phatic talk'. "Are there…


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