food glorious food text 12 restaurant reviews

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  • there is a mix of lexis used depending on the review in question. In ASK's review the lexis is a mixture of poistive and encoraging and negative. "Ask's website promises exciting venues all over the country...has a rather neglected feel"  Here is starts of positive then becomes negative, this happens again in this review.
  • in all reviews lots of adjectives are used to give a detailed description to the reader so they can picture being there. "good acidic punch", this creates a image of something delicous. "slimy, tasteless mushrooms" creates a negative image.
  • "some nice touches" suggests to the reader that it isn't that good if there are only 'some' good things.
  • "prawns laughably small" the reader feel the resaurant should be embarrased selling these.
  • "the highlight?" retorical question that involves the reader.
  • "buonasera!ciao!Italiano!" italian lexis makes the restaurant feel authentic giving it a more…


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