Food and Digestion

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The food you eat provides energy for cells, material needed for growth and repair and provides recourses for you to stay healthy and fight desieses. 

Carbohydrates: sugars and starches

- Made up of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen. 

- Found in bread, pasta, rice. 

-Provide energy for cells.

Simple carbohydrates ( glucose and sucrose ) are sugars. Complex carbohydrates ( starch, glycogen and cellulose ) are long chains of sugars = starch. 


- Made up of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Sulfur. 

- Found in meat, fish, cheese. 

- Used for body building and repair. 

Proteins are long chains of Amino Acids


- Made up of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen. 

- Found in butter, corn oil, eggs.

- Used as an energy store in the body.

Lipids are made up of fatty acids and glycerol joined together. 

Minerals and Vitamins: 

  • A - Makes chemicals in retina, protects suface of eye and connective tissue. (fish liver oils, liver, butter, margerine, carrots)
  • C - Sticks together cells lining surfaces in the body, e.g. mouth. (fresh fruits especially citrus fruits, and vegetables)
  • D - Helps bones absorb calcium and phosphorus. (fish liver oils, cream, butter, also made in skin in sunlight)
  • Calcium - Makes bones and teeth. (dairy products, fish, bread, vegetables) 
  • Iron - Makes haemoglobin in red blood cells to carry oxygen. (red meat, liver, eggs, green leaft vegetables) 

WATER - Used as a solvent. Breakes up large molecules by hdrolysis, carries substances around the body. 

FIBRE - Used for bulk to give the muscles of the gut something to work on. It absorbs lots of water. 


The food you eat is made up of large insoluble molecules.


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