food - energy balance , BMR, PAL


Why is energy needed?

Stay alive, keep the heart beating, warmth, chemical reactions, movement, allows muscles to work, keeps all organs working

What is energy balance?

The relationship between energy input and energy we use 

What is energy measured?

Kilocalories (kcal) or Kj 

Where do bodies prefer to get energy from?

Carbohydrate food

Where else can you get energy from?

You can get it from protein foods but if it is used for energy it cannot be used for its main function of growth and repair 

To use food for energy what should be done?

It must be broken down through digestion into glucose units

What is equal energy balance?

Energy out is the same as the energy in so weight remains stable 

What is a positive energy balance?

Energy is more than energy out so the energy is stored as fat and will result in weight gain 

Over an extended period of time, this is likely to lead to being overweight or obese, risk of developing certain cancers, CVD, type 2 diabetes 

What is a negative energy balance?

Energy out is more than energy in so energy is derived from energy stores and will result in weight loss 

Over an extended period of time, the person is likely to become underweight, risk of osteoporosis, infertility, even heart failure 

How do you calculate the main source of energy in our diet?

To calculate the amount of energy obtained from different foods you multiply the number of grams of the nutrient by the kcal/KJ the higher the number the


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