Follower By Seamus Heaney

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  • Metaphorical and physical:

  • Reference to both him and his father.

  • Following his father and following his father's profession as a farmer.


  • Childhood.

  • Loss of innocence: 'Now it is my father....and will not go away'

  • Role Reversal.

  • Admiration for father.

  • Technical language, elevates father.

  • Wants to help, can't because of his own inadequacy: 'I stumbled.', roll reversal at the end, it is his father who wants to help.

  • Same language: both where/ are burdens : role reversal.


  • Technical Language, Technical skill - elevates father and his profession.

  • Uses: Assonance, which then emphasises: 'An Expert.' And the last two lines.

  • Pattern of 3- emphasis on his inadequacy as a young boy, this is revisited in the last two lines. Again for…


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