Fold mountains- case study

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Fold Moutains- Case Study

The Alps is a fold mountain range

Location: Central Europe- it stretches across Austria, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Liechtenstein and Slovenia.

Formation: The Alps were formed about 30 million years ago by the collision between the African and European plates.

Tallest peak: Mount Blanc at 4810 m on the Italian-French border.

Population: Around 12 million people.

People use the Alps for lots of things:

Farming: The steep upland areas are used to farm goats, which provide milk, cheese and meat. Some sunnier slopes have been terraced to plant vineyards ( e.g. Lavaux, Switzerland).

Hydro-electric power (HEP): The narrow valleys demand to generate HEP, e.g. in the Berne area in Switzerland. Switzerland gets 60% of its electricity from HEP stations in the Alps. The electricity produced is used locally to power homes and businesses. It's also exported to towns and cities further away.

Tourism: 100…


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