Fold Mountain Case Study

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Fold Mountain Case Study - The Alps

Location: Central Europe, stretching across Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovenia and Switzerland 

Formation: The Alps were formed about 30 million years ago by the collision between the African and European plates

Tallest Peak: Mount Blanc on the Italian French border

Population: Around 12 million

People Use the Alps for lots of things


1) The steep upland areas are used to farm goats which provide milk, cheese and meat

2) Some sunnier slopes have been terraced to plant vineyards e.g. Lavaux in Switzerland



1) 100 million tourists visit the Alps each year - it is a huge part of the economy. 70% of them visit the mountains in the winter for skiing, snowboarding and ice-climbing. In the summer, they visit for walking, mountain biking, paragliding and climbing.


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