First Section. The Universe, Human Beings, and their Destiny.

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Afterlife: Continuation of existence after death.

Animal Rights: (the principle of) treating animals fairly. 

Commonality (of all living beings): (The belief that) all living creatures are part of the same process of development.

Cyclical (view of human existence): (The belief that) time has no beginning or end, and that the soul of human beings is reborn again and again.

Determinism: (The belief that) every event has a cause, which may also involve believing that human beings cannot have free will, as their choices and actions are caused.

Dominance (of human beings): (The belief that) human beings have been given the right to exercise control over all other living things.

Free Will: (The belief that) the human will is free, so human beings can choose and act freely.

Greed: An excessive desire for things, such as wealth or


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