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lab study - lacks ecological validity. However, you can controlvariavles (factors effecting)
field study - It has validity but you can't control the variables

makes testimony more reliable:
Yuille and Cutshall - 1986.
Showed evidence and accuracy regarding real life events. Interviewed 13 witnesses in a real life shooting. Interviews showed witnesses gave accurate accounts several months later. People closest to the event provided more detail and mmisleading questions had no effect on accuracy. People most distressed at time of the shooting gave the most accurate recall 5 months later. In this case it appeared that heightened arousal associated with anxiety enhanced the accuracy of EWT

Christianson & Hubinette - 1993.
Witnesses who between them saw 22 genuine, some onlookers, some employees. Researchers found victims could recall the robbers clothes, behaviour and weapon better than onlookers. Their superior recall was evident after a 15 month interval. They concluded people (especially victims) are good at remembering highly stressful events if they occur in real life rather than the artificial surrounding of the lab.

makes testimony less reliable:
Ppts were exposed to two different situations. A low key discussion and a man walking out with a pen and grease on his hands. The other, a heated argument, crashing chairs, broken glass and a man holding a paper knife with his hands covered in blood. Ppts were asked to identify the men out of 50 photos. 49% identified man with pen whereas only 33…


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