First Movement- Symphony No. 40 in G Minor

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Composer- Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  • Born 1756 in Salzburg, settled in Vienna
  • Child prodigy- learned piano at 4 and toured Europe in concerts.

Musical Context

  • Classical- 1750-1825 (composed in 1788)
  • Symphony- large scale orchestral work. Has 4 movements.
  • Emphasis on elegance, well balanced melodies, clear question and answer phrases, diatonicc harmonmies, homophonic melodies and textures, counterpoint, expansion of orchestra, contrasting moods.

Musical Elements, Instrumentation & Features

  • Time Signature: 4/4
  • Pitch & Melody: Regular, balanced 4 or 8 bar phrases, question and answer, scalic, conjunct & disjunct movement, octave doubling.
  • Tempo: Molto allegro.
  • Dynamics: Starts off p (unusual for symphonies), lost of contrast including cresc. and sf (no dim. used)
  • Rhythm: Simple rhythms, dotted rhythms, occastional syncopation, upbeat start to first subject.
  • Texture: Mainly homophonic, dialogue, becomes contrapuntal in development, where counterpoint…


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