Findings and Conclusions: Gardener and Gardener

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  • at the end of 7 months, washoe was able to use 4 signs and at the end of the overall 22 months, she was able to use 30 signs
  • getting Washoe to imitate was very easy but it wasn't until the 16th month that the researchers had any control over her signing
  • she would sometimes fail to use a sign in the correct context but this was overcome by repetition
  • washoe's language development resembled that of a human infant in three ways:
  • Differentiation: washoe used the sign 'flower' to represent odour for example, when she smelt cooking, the gardeners taught her a new sign for smell though occasionally…


Jessica Gledhill


Really helpful notes, but I'm sure their names are spelt like Gardner :)



oops sorry, it was a spelling error :p

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