Financial Framework - Users of Accounting info (2)

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  • 6. Investment analysts:
  • Whether to advise clients to invest in a certain company 
  • They would look at the likely risks and future returns of the company
  • 7. Suppliers
  • Whether to continue supplying to a company 
  • They're unlikely to look at financial statements (may check figures though)
  • They would check future possibility of supply by looking at the company's ability to pay for any goods and services supplied
  • Have they been paying on time? TESCO
  • 8. Lenders (Business angels + Banks)
  • Whether to lend money, or more money
  • Whether to require repayment of existing loans
  • The company's ability to pay back interest AND principle loan is an important factor in making informed decisions
  • 9. Managers
  • On the inside of the organsiation - they have a vested…


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