Feminist theory of the family

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Marxist Feminist Theory of the Family

Benston - Claims that women benefit the capitalist system because they do domestic labour and keep the workers happy at home and are not paid for it.

Ansley - Wive are a 'Safety valve'  because they are exploited by their husbands - they can take their anger out on their wives to avoid lashing out at work and losing their job, because of this role played by women the cap. system is not disrupted.

Brugel - Women are a 'Reserve army of labour' - women are taken on for jobs, part time when there is an economic boom ( more jobs are needed) but then fired when there are not enough jobs ( during a recession) - women are exploited as cheap and expendable labour.

McIntosh and Barrett - The family transmits ideas that benefit the Cap. system. The family teaches Familism and that the Cereal packet family is the most functional for the system and any other family is deviant from social norms.



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