Feminism and the Family

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Feminism and the family!

  • Feminists start from the view that many societies are based on partriarchy.
  • There are three types of feminism when it comes to the family:

Liberal Feminism

  • Liberal Feminists believe equality can be achieved through changes in law and the constant challenging of attitudes. This is known as principled pragmaticism. Challenging attitudes could come through pathways such as education, the media, women's groups and the family.
  • Somerville (2000) - believes realistic changes to policies will help change the position of women. She argues that, although there is still inequality, some feminists choose to ignore the progress already made by women.
  • Liberal feminists want modest reform, not revolutionary change. This is more favoured by Marxist and Radical Feminists.


  • This approach to bringing about change can be slow and may not draw enough attention to it because of it's gradual nature.
  • It has been…


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