Feminine Ideas


Mary Wollstonecraft (1759-97)

  • Women are denied a chance to have a useful life by men
  • Give women = rights & will show themselves to be as good as men
  • Women behave in childish ways in order to attract men
  • Men think that women are naturally inferior

Suffragettes - fight 4 rights to viote in elections (1ST WAVE FEMINISM)

  • Took direct action - marches, demonstrations, attacking property
  • Were jailed - went on hunger strike, were force fed
  • Emily Davidson - throws herself under the king's horse (1913) -> was killed

1918 - married would 30+ got vote

1928 - women 21+ got vote = same as men

Women workers during WWII

  • Did men's jobs
  • Prove they can work as well
  • After war -> some women are forced back into their traditional gender roles -> housewife + mother

The women's liveration movement (2ND WAVE FEMINISM)

  • From late 1960s


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