February Revolution 1917

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  • There was less food produced due to alot of farming peasants fighting in the war - lack of labour.
  • As more and more horses were needed in WW1, it made it harder for peasants to cultivate land.
  • Inflation
  • Shortages of coal (fuel) and steel etc.
  • Losing the 'Great War'.
  • Conscription.
  • Alexandra in charge.
  • Low wages.
  • Poor working conditions.
  • Bad winter.
  • Poor transport.
  • Unemployment
  • Corrupt Government.
  • Not a democracy.
  • Tsar blamed for loses in the war.


  • 23rd Februrary, women from factories strike as bread was being rationed.
  • Men joined the women and began to march to the city with weapons.
  • Soldiers shot demonstrators but this did not scare them. They began more demonstrations. 
  • Cosacks did


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