Fast Food B1a 2.3

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Fast food contains a lot of fat and salt, these may make food taste nice, however there are some real health concerns about the effect that too much fat and salt can have on your health.


Too much fat in your diet can easily make you overweight. This isn't the only problem with fatty foods, the amount and type of fat you eat can effect the levels of your cholesterol in your blood.

Cholesterol is a substance made in the liver, it gets carried through your body in the blood. You need it to make the membrane of your body cells, sex hormones and the hormones that help your body deal with stress. Without cholesterol you wouldn't survive.

High levels of cholesterol in your blood increase the risk of heart disease or diseased blood vessels. The cholesterol builds up in your blood vessels and can even block them.


The amount of cholesterol you have in your blood depends on two things:

  • The way your liver works, which is something you inherit from your parents and cannot change
  • The amount of fat in your diet 

Some people have livers that can deal…


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