fascist state

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The government was faced with many new problems after the First World War. The first one was the Italian dissatisfaction with the territorial settlement made at the Paris Peace Conference. Most of the Italians had expected big territorial gains when they entered the war. Many Italians were deeply disappointed with their government which seemed be too weak in its foreign policy. The second problem was general economic distress. Italy was a poor nation. She could only support her war effort by obtaining foreign loans. Immediately after the war, as Europe was exhausted by the war, the Italian tourist trade and export trade came to a standstill and there was large-scale unemployment throughout the country.

The Acerbo Law was an Italian electoral law passed by the Italian Parliament in 1923, The purpose of it was to give Mussolini's fascist party a majority of deputies. In 1922, Mussolini became the leader of Fascist Italy as a result of the March on Rome. However he


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