Family - useful studies and sociologists

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Defining the family

  • Murdoch - universal family
  • Edmund Leech - serial packet family
  • Willmont + Young - Nuclear Family after industrialistion


  • Murdoch - four functions: reproduce, sexual, education, economic
  • Parsons - Two funstions: primary socialisation, stabilstation of adult personality


  • Engels - Nuclear Family for a reson, serves needs of the ruling class, inheritance passed on
  • Margret Benson - women are the reserve army of labour, raise the next generation of workers
  • Marcuse - media presents family with false needs

Family diveristy

  • Ford + Miller - single parent familes: infeior burden on the state
  • Brenan - extened, beanpole family in decline
  • Smart - reconstitued family diffecult
  • Dume - Same sex couples, children from




apart from the spellings on some of was really helpful :) Cheers

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