Family - Feminism


Feminists are critical of the family as a social institution. They believe that the family is a tool of female oppression and in particular the nuclear family serves the needs of men rather than women. This is through issues such as unequal division of labour and domestic violence. They believe that gender inequality is a social construction and not a natural phenomena.

Triple shift - 3 roles women are expected to perform for the family:

1. Emotional support

2. Domestic labour

3. Paid work

Views of the family:

Liberal feminism - families are slowly becoming more equal through changes in law and social attitudes. They do not believe that full equality has been achieved but the process is well underway. E.g. They show how parents are now socialising their children in more gender neutral ways.

Overstates the amount of progress that has been made. Women still have the triple shift. Marxist and radical feminists also argue that liberal feminists fail to challenge the underlying causes of women's oppression and changing the law is not enough to bring about equality, there needs to be a fundamental change in social structures. 

Radical feminism - believe…


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