Fairtrade Movement

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Global Issues

Fair Trade

The Fair Trade Foundation was set up in the early 1990s and is aimed at ensuring the workers get a fair deal (a fair price for their goods, proper working conditions, fair wages, no child labour etc). It ensures that the poor don't lose out in business.

The Catholic Church supports Fair Trade because it is a means of preventing the causes of poverty. Christians have a responsiblity to help the poor and disadvantaged. Don't forget the commandment 'Thou shall not steal' - this refers to not taking a larger share of the world's wealth than you need and not stealing off the poor by offering poor wages etc. 

Remember that some people would argue that good business is a business which makes money and that's that. Also, fair trade products are often more expensive and people might not be able to afford them. 


What causes war?

  • Violence is part of human nature and is usually suppressed but war is a way of releasing it.
  • War is caused by expanding populations and scare natural resources.
  • Wars are caused primarily by young men. If societies have too many young people, war is more likely.
  • A country or individual might have a desire for power that leads to war.
  • Religious belief can sometimes lead to war e.g. ISIS

Violence; religion; young men; desire for power; expanding populations and scarce natural resources

Christian beliefs about war

Many Christians are against war because the Gospel promotes peace, not violence.

- Thou shall not kill

- Blessed are the peace-makers (the Beatitudes)

- All human life is sacred and humans are made in God's image

Just War Theory

One of the Christian responses to war is the Just War theory. This is the theory that sometimes war can be justified if it is needed for self-defence e.g. St Augustine of Hippo thought it could be justified for self-defence…


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