factors that influence the accuarcy of EWT

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Experiment 1:misleading information

In a further investigations, Loftus and her colleagues showed how quite subtle changes of wording during questioning may distort recall. she used different words to describe what happened to the two cars. and the mean speed that was estimated was increased as the words become more serious for example "contacted" had a mean speed of 31.8 and the word "smashed had a mean speed of 40.8. 

Experiment 2:misleading information 

loftus and plamer did another experiment where they divided participants into three groups they were given the verbs- smashed , hit and group 3 didnt have a word. they were asked to come back a week later and were asked about the accident the question they were asked was " did you see any broken glass? " in the crash there wasnt any broken glass but because of the verbs they were given they assumed that there was glass. 

Experiment 3:supporting evidence 

this experiment was done by loftus and plamer. participants were shown slides of events leading up to a car crash. one group were shown a car stopping at a stop sign and the other group were


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