Factors affecting participation

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Young people

  • post-school gap of non-participation into which many school leavers fall 
  • school age children need to have a positive experience of PE lessons to make sure they continue with physical activity after they leave school 
  • need a varied and interesting programme at al levels of the performance pyramid
  • National cirriculum 
  • different PESSCL strands
  • UK Sport 
  • Home Country councils 
  • NGBs

The Elderly

  • poor self image, lack of transport and disposable income, physical challenges, negative previous experience, few role models 
  • Increased opportunity - reduced entrance fees, more choice of activities
  • Increased provision - more exclusive clubs and more specialist leaders for the elderly and improved local transport
  • Increased esteem - respect and encouragement from others, highlighting efforts and achievment of others

People with disabilities 

  • Society continues to discriminate against and impose barriers on people with disabilities
  • Increasingly recognised that attitues, assumptions, myths and stereotyping along with inadequately designed environments all limit people with disabilites in terms of physical activity
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