Factors that increase the risk of cardiovascular disease

  • This disease affect the heart and the circular system. 
  • Genetics - if your family history CVD, then this increases your chance of also suffering CVD. 
  • Age - As you get older, the risk of CVD increases. 
  • Gender - Statistics indicate that men are at a higher risk of dying of CVD under the age of 50 than women. 
  • Diet - Consuming a high level of saturated fat, high intake of salt, and limited healthy fats and vitamins increase the risk of CVD. 
  • High blood pressure - suffering with high blood pressure can increase your risk of a CVD
  • Smoking - smoking cigarerres will increase the risk of suffering with a CVD
  • Inactivity - lack of physical activity will increase risk of suffering with a CVD. 


  • Are a class of drugs that are used to treat hypertensions. 
  • This is reffered to as high blood pressure. 
  • Diffrent types of antihypertesives, which lower blood pressure in diffrent ways. 
  • Most widely used drugs are thiazide diuretics, calcium channel blockers and beta blockers, 

Thiazide diuretics 

  • Plus - Lower blood pressure and they are an option for those unable to take…


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