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There are some simple version of factorising which only require you to factories one bracket. This will only happen if there's one of the same values in each part of the equation, for example:

p^2 - 3p. =. p(p - 3)

You may also come across an equation with brackets that need expanding before the equation can be solved, for example:

15 - 3x = 3(5 - x)
15 - 3x = 15 - 3x

There will also be two brackets that need expanding. This can be done using FOIL.

  • F - first
  • O - outer
  • I - inner
  • L - last

for example:

(x - 4)(3x + 5)

F 3x^2
O 5x
I -12x
L -20
so overall... 3x^2 - 7x -20

You will also need to do the reverse of…


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