Facility Provision

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Public Sector

Public sector organisations are owned by local authorities and trade in a profit-and-loss basis. Leisure provision includes leisure centres, swimming pools and skateboard parks. 


Facilities open to all - they are non-exclusive

They are run by local authorities and managed by local authority employees.

They are run as business operations, with the aim of breaking even

They trade on set prices according to pre-set budgets

The facilities and services are of adequate or improving standard


Increase participation in physical activity

Increase health and fitness of individuals and improve the health and well-being of the community

Increase social control and reduce crime in the community

Improve social intergration

Provide for social needs, equal opportunities and social inclusion

Regenerate areas

Private Sector

Private sector organisations are privately owned businesses that promote activities to make a profit. In order to attract clients, the facilities and services offered have to be of very high standard. Fitness clubs such as Fitness First and the David Lloyd health


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