Fabric construction

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Weft- right to left

Warp- up and down

selvedge- edge of the fabric where weft yarn wraps around the warp yarn.

Plain weave:

  • weft under alternate warp yarns.
  • hard-wearing,strong,holds shape
  • smooth surface which is good for printing.
  • cheapest
  • mostly makes cotton- based fabrics

Twill weave:

  • diagonal pattern on surface of the fabric
  • weft over two yarns and under one, repeated one warp further along.
  • stronger and draped better.
  • used to make denim.

Satin weave:

  • weft over four or more warp yarns and under one.
  • floats catch the light making shiny fabrics.
  • delicate and doesn't resist abrasion.

Non-woven fabrics- use bonding of felting. They don't fray, can…


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