F332 elements from the sea


Firstly we'll begin wth the concept of yield, and then we'll look at the difference between that and atom economy and hopefully study how it is used in industry. 

I have used a lot of other books and revision resources too :)

Well in percentage yield it's all about how useful or wasteful the actual process was for e.g:- walking the long way to school is a more lengthy process where as the short way isn't as time consuming and be a better option

however in atom economy measures how wasteful of useful the reaction e.g. so even if you took a long way to get to school you still managed to carry out your purpose of getting an education

So I see it as you're having something to do but you need to choose how to do it in the best way (yield) , however it still important that everything goes to plan despite how you do it (atom economy)

Therefore if you have something) with 100% percentage yield that doesn't necessarily mean it has 100% atom economy (just because someone revises in the 'right' way that doesn't mean they'll get 100 UMS in their exam, does it?)

 -I hope that made the concept seem a little bit easier



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