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Excretion: removes of metabolic waste from the body

Metabolic waste: consists of waste substances that may be toxic/ produces excess from metabolic reaction inside body.

Deanimation: removal of an anime group from amino acid, produces ammonia

Hepatic portal vein: unusual blood vessel that has a cappilaries on both ends . carries blood from the digestive system towards the liver

Kupuffer cells: break down/recycle old RBC

Billirubin: waste products produced form the breakdown of Hb

Urea: excretory product formed from the breakdown of excessive amino acids

Ortnthine cycle: A process where amino acids are converted into urea. Takes place in the partly in the cytosol/mitochondria.  ATP is used.

Detoxyfication: Conversion of toxic molecules into low toxic/non-toxic molecule.

Nephron: Functional unit of the kidneys. Microscopic yubules that receive fluid form the blood cappilaries in the cortex and convert this to urine, which drains in the ureter.

Glumerulus: Fine the fine network of cappliaries that increases the blood Blood Pressure to squeeze fluid out of the blood surrounded

Selective reabsorption: Useful substances that are


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