CASE STUDY- Eyjafjollajokull

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  • Constructive plate margin (mid atlantic ridge)
  • Covered in ice which metls in glacial bursts

Nature of 2010 eruption

  • Scientists monitoring area recorded a sequence of strong earthquakes and small eruptions emitting lava along fissures
  • Volcano erupted violently sending huge volcanic ash cloud into the atmosphere. Over the next few days the wind carried it S and E across Europe causing huge disruption of airspace. (eruption more violent than expected of constructive plate boundary)


  • Local- ash falls + flooding impacted on local farming communities + affected communication
  • National + regional -Main road closed, interrupting the movements of goods+services , tourism fell
  • Global- European markets closed to air freight many economies affected eg. Kenyan farmers lost their jobs. Supermarkets unable to import fresh produce. Airport operators association estimated total loses being £80 million . Knock on effect on


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