Exposure- Power and Conflict Key Quotations+Analysis

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Key quotations for Exposure

“…But nothing happens”

·       Repetition of ‘but nothing happens’ throughout the    poem suggest and gives the readers a sense of boredom caused by waiting.

·       It also hints that war is pointless.


“Our brains ache in the merciless iced wins that knive us”

  • ·       Personification and Sibilance
  •  The weather is personified so that it can look dangerous, menacing and deadly.
  • ·       The personification might also suggest that weather is the real enemy of soldiers.
  • ·       The sibilance here highlights the intensity of pain and brutality of the weather.


“Dawn massing in the east her melancholy army”

  • ·       Personification
  • ·


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