exposure and london comparison

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paper 2-London and exposure

In both of these poems, people were suffering. in more ways than one. In London, People were getting hurt because of the new laws the government had put in.This is illustrated in the quote "In every cry of every man, in every cry of fear, in every voice of every ban.Blake uses the technique repetition to emphasise people's suffering. The quote infers that people are feeling hopeless, pain and misery. The quote also suggests that people are worried of getting hurt.This links to Exposure because the soldiers were constantly waiting to go into battle and get hurt.

The soldiers were suffering in Exposure also. Soldiers were going to war and dying thinking they were helping their country. This is shown in the quote "In the merciless iced east winds that knife us." The personification of the words winds and knife display that the soldiers were suffering. The quote suggests that the winds were so cold but they fought on anyway because they thought they were helping their country. This links to London because they thought things were going to get better. 

The people of London were in despair. For example, at the end of the last stanza of…


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