Explorers or Boys Messing About

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Responsibility to society
Taking risks and challenging your potential
Reflects ludicrousity;
Immature decision to ride ‘trusty’ helicopter

Title: ‘Boys messing about’
‘trekked solo to Everest base camp and walked barefoot for three days in the Himalayas’
Using R44 in a such a ‘hostile environment’
‘claims to be flying at the age of 5’ (the word ‘claim’ ploughs the seeds of distrust)
Smith has a nickname ‘Q’ which is a reference to the joker in James Bond
Needs government intervention for all their mistakes like little kids needing to be parented
Responsibility to society
Negative reaction by society in all cases of failures
Tax payers pick up the bill, connects with the reader and turns reader against Brookes
Damages reputation of the country: ‘how good the relations between the east and the west had become’
Triad: rescue involved…


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