Explanations of Forgetting- Retrieval failure

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The Encoding Specificity Principle- Tulving and Pearlstone 

To demonstrate the importance of retrieval cues p's were given a set of 48 words split into 12 catagories, they were presented as category+ word e.g fruit+orange. Two different recall condtions:

Free recall: p's were given no cues and had to recall as many words as they could = 40% 

Cued recall: p's were given the catagory names= 60%

This is evidence that cues are encoded at the time of learning and have a meaningful link to the information.

Context dependent forgetting- Godden and Baddeley

Recruitted scuba divers as p's and got them to learn a list of words either on land or in water, subsequently they were asked to recall the words either onland or in water (so there were four conditions). 

State-dependent forgetting- Goodwin et al

Male volunteers were asked to…


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