Explanations of Attchment:Bowlby's Theory

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Explanations of Attchment: Bowlby's Theory

What is an Attachment?

A strong emotional bond between two people and is a two way process that continues over time and is characterised by a desire to maintain proximity (closeness)

Bowlby was interested in the relationship between the caregiver and the child and was strongly influenced by the study of animals. There are five main features of his explanations:

  • Attatchment is adaptive and innate:
    Attatchment is innate (you are born with it) and is an adaptive process for both the child and the caregiver. It aids the survival of the child by ensuring saftey, and the infant will stay close to the attatchment figure who will feed and protect them.
  • Sensitive Period:
    Bowlby suggested that an attachment should form during the first two and


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