Explanations for Depression

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Beck's cognitive theory of depression:

  • Faulty information processing: When depressed we attend to the negative aspects of a situation and ignore positives. E.g. a depressed person winning £1 million on the Lottery, but focusing that the previous week's winner won £10 million. 
  • Negative self-schemas: Negative packages of ideas and information developed through experience. We interpret all information about ourselves in a negative way.

The negative triad: 

A). Negative views about the world - there is no hope, the world is a 'cold, hard place'. 
B). Negative views of the future - reduced hopefulness, 'the economy isn't going to get better'
C). Negative view of the self - low self-esteem, 'I'm a failure'


  • It has good supporting evidence - 

Ellis's ABC model:

  • Ellis defined irrational thoughts


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