Explanation of Forgetting- Motivated Forgetting = Repression.


Repression = Freud believed that forgetting is an UNCONSCIOUS MOTIVATED PROCESS. He believed that we forget because certain memories are TOO psychologically PAINFUL to allow them to stay in the conscious mind. So we TRANSFER them out off the conscious mind and into the unconscious part of the mind. The emmories are not lost, they just remain INACCESSUBLE. Repression is a way of dealing with memories for traumatic events so that ancieties.negative emotions associated with the memory are NOT experiences on a day to day level as this would be negative for ones mind.  Repression is a DEFENCE MECHANISM, this protects the ego.


Levinger & Clark (1961)

Aim- To investigate whether words with emotional connotations are repressed under laboratory conditions. 

Method- Participants were given a word assiciation task. They were presented with a series of emotionally chargedd words e.g. hate, andger and fear alongside other NEUTRAL word e.g. window, cow, tree. P's had to say exactly what came…


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