Explain how a follower of Natural law might approach the issue of abortion

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Natural law is an absolutist and deontological ethical theory. It states that you must use reason given by God in order to know whether an action is morally right or wrong and you can be aided in making this decision by using the primary precepts.


Firstly, using the primary precepts you can figure out whether abortion is acceptable or not by looking at the precepts; reproduction, protect innocent life and nurture and educate the young. With the primary precept of reproduction it can be concluded that abortion is wrong because if everyone had abortions then reproduction would not go on. We should not get rid of life as even the Bible tells us that we must go forth and multiply thus abortion should not be permitted. Concerning, the precept of protecting innocent life we can conclude that abortion is wrong as the fetus deserves the same status as a born human so it should not be killed at any


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