Explain the workings of government under Northumberland

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1. Protestand Earl Marquis of Dorset

2. Bishop of Ely

3. Sir John Russell.

His Privy Council:

1. He removed Southhampton.

2. Paget drew up guidelines for running an effective government some of which were Northumberlands idea, however Cecil soon replaced him.

3. Somerset was allowed to rejoin the council but after a second unsuccessful attempt to coup he was fremoved and excecuted. After this Northumberland became more autocratic in his ruling and ironically became more like Somerset.

War and Economics:

Northumberland ended the war with France and Scotland which saved money and gained £133,333 from France from Boulogne. 


Northumberland wanted to reestablish Protestantism but also use the churches for his own gain. 

1. The alter was replaced with a communion table. 

2. Sacrement service were rewritten to that…


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