Explain the choice made by producers in the music video Riptide. (Refer to media language in your response)

  • In the Riptide music video there have been many artistic choices made by producers, the most self evident is the choice to create an avant-grade surrealism video. This is evident throughout the music video, particularly through the themes of 1920s surrealist cinema, choices of mise en scene and finally genre conventions.
  • To begin, the main choice made by producers is the elements and themes of 1920s French cinematic movement; surrealism that have been used throughout the music video. The choice of this by producers can be down to its artist choice or funding. Typically indie genres use low budget, however if you compare Riptide to Vance Joy's second song and music video 'Georgia' which evidently has used a high budget, it would seem the choice was made by the artist. The element of surrealism is demobstrated throughout the music video, the first being the un-identifying narrative, although there appears to be elements of narrative throughout, for example the characters moving to America and becoming cinematograhers to women who sing that becomes increasingly vulnerable in each scene. The second element of surrealism that can be identified in this music video is the use of audience interpretation. For the most part of the music video's narrative and generic conventions are left to the audience's imagination, for example the edit itself uses an 'intellectual montage' where new ideas are used throughout. Secondly, the lyric directly links to the cuts and visual codes. The opening line is an excellent example of this 'I was scared of dentists and the dark' is interpreted explicitly with a shot of a female looking 'scared' with a metallic contraption in her mouth. The third and final element of surrealism is the use of graphical content used…


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