Evolutionary Explanations for Eating Behaviour


Humans orginate from hunter gathers and their diet would have consisted of whatever was avalible.

Preference for fatty foods- adaptive. provides vaulable energy resources. Vital as didn't know when next meal was. Calories less availble with the EEA so adaptive for humans to develop a preference for high calorie fooods. Provides with biggest source of energy compared with other nutrients

  • Abrams- all societies show a preference for animal foods and fats
  • Stanford- found chimanzees would kill and eat the most fattiest part of the anmal (eg. brains) when starving
  • Gibson and Wardel- 4-5 year olds. Found they prefered more calorie rich food such as potatoes and bananas than sweetness

Preference for Meat- started due to decline in plants from receeding forests, Rich in fat+energy. Avaible all year round. Gave early humans essentual supplies of amino acids, minerals, nutrients allowing them to supplement their diet with marginal, low quality…


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