Evolutionary Explanations for Adaptive Response

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Evolutionary Theory

  • Reproductive challenges faced by our ancestors can explain aggression today, suggests aggression has adaptive value
  • Aggression is a behaviour which increases survival chances to enhance reproductive success
  • Aggression selected via the process of natural selection 
  • Natural Selection 'selects' characteristics that are advantageous and 'weeds out' those with no survival/reproductive value.

Infidelity & Jealousy

  • Men have evolved different strategies to deter partners from commiting adultery
  • Ranges from vigilance(watching them closely, listening to who they talk to on the phone, stopping other males interacting with them, snooping through belongings for signs of infidelity) to physical violence
  • Result of male sexual jealousy and paternity uncertainty
  • If man's partner is unfaithful and has a sexual relationship with another man, he runs the risk of Cuckholdry (investing resources in rearing children that aren't their own)
  • Male sexual jealousy has evolved to


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