Evolutionary explanations

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Evolutionary Explanations


  • evolutionary psychologists= reproductive challenges faced by ancestors can explain ag behaviour in people today.
  • male never certain about child's DNA
  • shows why male sexual jealousy= cause of domestic violence
  • acceptable to kill adulterous lover/her lover in many countries

** Infidelity + Jealousy- Daly & Wilson

  •  men have evolved many ways to deter partners from committing adultery
  •  includes vigilance to violence
  •  unfaithful partner= risk of cuckoldry
  • Male sexual jealousy evolved to prevent infidelity + risk of cuckoldry

** Mate Retention- Buss

  • men have developed strategies for MR

includes direct guarding(restricting)/negative inducements(threat of violence)

RWA: implication of research>

  • MRT=early signs of violence

educating people with signs= reduce women becoming victims

**Uxoricide- Daly+Wilson

  • if men can prevent infidelity by using positive actions= less likely to be violent


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